8 Home Cleaning Tips to Reduce the Spread of Germs and Viruses

As a healthcare worker (for over 15 years) turned house cleaner, I have studied and practiced how to minimize the spread the germs and diseases. Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy home from my experience, and hopefully they will you help you and your family stay safe and healthy!

  1. Wash: Always wash your hands after going out or coming into your home.
  2. Protect: When using gloves, please be sure not to “cross-contaminate” your most commonly used items like keys, cell phones, credit cards, purses, wallets, car doors, steering wheels, and home door handles.
  3. Isolate: Designate a particular area to remove outside gear and when you bring in any bags. This way, you can isolate any outside germs into one area.
  4. Disinfect: Clean and disinfect items in your designated area before bringing them into the rest of your home.
    1. I use a microfiber cloth and add a “cap full” of each: bleach, alcohol, and my favorite smell-good disinfectant. Then, I dilute the microfiber cloth with water and wet-wipe everything I bring from the outside in. Let it set for an hour, and then bring it in.
  5. Clean: Wipe down (or spray with aerosol disinfectant like Lysol) your coats, shoes, and any outside gear each day you leave and come home.
  6. Control: Vacuum, mop, and wipe high traffic areas every day you go out and come into your home.
  7. Self-care: Take vitamins, warm tea/w lemon, make healthy eating choices, and exercise when possible to help your body fight off any foreign entities.
  8. Hire a professional: A professional cleaner at least once a month to do a THOROUGH cleaning and disinfecting of your home can EFFECTIVELY reduce the chances of spreading disease to your family while keeping them happy and healthy.

Visit or text (313) 205-0332 to book an amazing home-sanitizing cleaning!

God Bless you and your family. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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